Arts Scene in Wales by Lowri Haf Cooke

“The drama centres around Rhys (Gareth Watkins), a 34 year old soldier and father of four who is about to return to Afghanistan, after spending Christmas with his family. The absence of his ex-wife and daughters is clearly very painful. Gareth Watkins – a new name to me – was a refreshing presence as a tender but hard squaddie, and he moved at times like a ghost around the stage. Under his watch, Rhys devised his own destiny by exchanging the disquietude of his family – and his disturbed mind – for the sake of heroic immortality.”

“Canolbwynt y ddrama oedd cymeriad Rhys (Gareth Watkins), milwr 34 mlwydd oed; tad i bedwar oedd ar fin dychwelyd i Afghanistan, ’rol treulio’r gwyliau Nadolig ym mynwes ei deulu. Roedd absenoldeb ei gyn-wraig a’i ferched yn amlwg yn boenus dros ben… Roedd Gareth Watkins – enw newydd i mi – yn bresenoldeb amheuthun, fel squaddie tyner ond cadarn, a symudodd ar brydiau fel ysbryd ar draws y llwyfan. Dan ei wyliadwraeth ef, lluniodd Rhys ei dynged ei hun, gan gyfnewid anesmwythyd ei deulu – a’i feddwl aflonnydd ei hun – er lles anfarwoldeb arwrol.”


Barn (Opinion) by Vaughan Hughes

“Gareth ap Watkins’ performance of Jiwdas Iscariot is yet another surprising and effective element of the drama. He is a ‘spook’ of sorts, working for Pilates government. His tough mercenary appearance is laced with the suggestion of something visceral and sexual. And yet every now and then, we get a glimpse of a brooding and lonely inner self. The strong city accent of the actor confirms the idea that he doesn’t belong to either side of the story.”

Barn by Vaughan Hughes

“Mae portread yr awdur o Jiwdas a pherfformiad Gareth ap Watkins, yn elfen arall annisgwyl ac effeithiol. Spook o fath ydyw, yn gweithio i lywodraeth Peilat. Mae’n berson ymddangosiadol galed, milwr cylog efo awgrym o rywbeth rhywiol, cnawdol o’i gwmpas. Ond eto, o dro i dro, cawn gip ar ei du mewn briwedig ac unig, ac mae acen gref ddinesig yr actor yn cadarnhau’r syniad nad yw’n perthyn yn llwyr ar yr un o ddwy ochr y stori.”

BBC by Aled Edwards

“Gareth ap Watkins as Judas was exceptional.”

“Roedd Gareth ap Watkins fel Jiwdas yn arbennig.”

Y Cymro by Paul Griffiths

“And praise also, to Gareth ap Watkins – recent arrival to the Welsh stage.”

“A clod hefyd i’r newydd-dyfodiad i’r llwyfan Cymraeg, Gareth ap Watkins.”

American Briefs

The Stage by Sally Stott

“Gareth ap Watkins gives a versatile and commanding performance.”

Whatsonstage by Alex MacDonald

“Gareth ap Watkins’ abrasion is earned in a commanding performance that somehow marries conceit with paternalism and soul.”

The Curse of the Werewolf

The Stage  by Barbara Lewis

“Ultimately, however, Gareth ap Watkins as the trusty D’Arcy shines through with his winning delivery of lines like ‘even my feet are in love’.”

Kentish Times by Edward Martyn

“In tow is D’Arcy (A man-of-the match performance from Gareth Watkins) as the new butler, smitten with Kitty and hiding the fact that he is actually an English lord…”

Dangerous Liaisons

Chicago Reader by Albert Williams

“Gareth ap Watkins delivers a charismatic, multifaceted portrayal of vain seducer Valmont, whose campaign to corrupt the innocent drives the drama.”

Extra Virgin


“The success of Extra Virgin doesn’t just rest on its fine writing and clever plotting. With only two characters to hold our attention, pressure is on the two leads to perform. Fortunately, Graham Townsend as Noah and Gareth ap Watkins as Elias don’t disappoint.”

Mylondonyourlondon by Robert Bain
“Extra Virgin is unflinching. The tone is immediately more adult and the whole play is more believable than the first. The casual, matter-of-fact style – especially from Gareth ap Watkins as Elias – is in clear contrast to the other play’s more theatrical feel.”

The Stage by Gerald Berkowitz
“One character has more of an emotional journey allowing Gareth ap Watkins, as the one who didn’t realise this was a reunion, opportunity to showcase his talents.”

London Broadcasting Corporation
(Jenny Éclair radio show) by Mark Joy
“Actually don’t leave at the interval; the second play is a stonker. The two actors that are in it; I have to give them a name check – Graham Townsend plays Noah, a geeky Jewish boy and Gareth ap Watkins plays this welsh rugby player type. It is so well done. I came out like ‘oh my god, that deserves to transfer; that would have an audience’. It’s so, so good.”

La Ronde

Time Out by John Beer
“Particularly strong is an encounter between a repressed, presumably Oxbridge history professor (ap Watkins) and his posh and confident student (Townsend)…Townsend and ap Watkins both display admirable range.”

Chicago Free Press by Lawrence Bommer
“Gareth ap Watkins bravura turns contrasts a smoothly sensuous Sailor with a very anal university don.”

Chicago Reader by Albert Williams
“The acting, like the script, ranges from richly textured (notably Graham Townsend and Gareth ap Watkins as a college kid and an uptight professor)…”

Hooker’s Corner, Chicago by Mark Hooker
“Gareth ap Watkins (Sailor/Professor) is a dynamic young character actor (I don’t mean that in the usual sense he is VERY handsome). He created two completely different personalities in the sailor and the Professor – one a gruff, uneducated, mixed up brute; the latter a sweet, insecure, depressed young man. He is a rare actor who savors every moment on stage (like a gourmet meal), completely drawing in his audience, making us hungry for more.”

Steadstyle, Chicago
“The cast is nearly as intelligent and daring as they are attractive and sensual. The job of folding clothes becomes an art in fastidiousness in Gareth ap Watkins’ hilariously insecure portrayal of the Professor.”

Taken In

“Gareth ap Watkins plays Marc with disciplined strength; it would be easy for this part to slip into Victorian melodrama, but this trap is avoided.”

The Stage by Gerald Berkowitz
“Gareth ap Watkins nicely captures the bemused bewilderment of a man following his heart rather than his head for the first time in his life.”